• Appointments are usually available in 1-2 days time. You may be worked in for an urgent appointment at the discretion of our scheduling staff.
  • If you prefer to see a particular provider, you may be booked farther out.
  • Our Nurse Practitioners are capable of seeing you for your urgent primary care need.  If you insist on seeing Dr. Carr for a primary care, you may be booked farther out.
  • Please bring your current insurance card to all visits- staff may ask you to verify your current information.
  • If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, please be courteous and let us know.  There is a $40 charge for cancelling same day, or not showing up for a scheduled appointment.
  • We strive to stay on schedule.  If you find you cannot arrive on time, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment out of fairness to our other patients.