infertilityWalking through life with the label of infertile can cause some women a bit of anxiety. It is difficult to stand by and not be able to do what, for many women, seems to be so natural. Infertility has an affect on other parts of your life as well. Not only is infertility a great stress on you, but it can potentially put a strain on your relationship. You desperately want to have a child that is a reflection of your love for one another, however biology may be blocking you from doing so. As a result, you vow to do anything within your power to create your bundle of joy.

Traditional fertility treatments like in vitro-fertilization (also known as IVF) or other medications may not have worked for you because of a specific medical condition. Some women seek out infertility surgery in order to create the chance to have the family they have been planning for many years.

There are many approaches to improving a woman’s chances for conceiving. The approach you choose depends upon your medical history and your current state of health. Here are a few of the surgical options that may prove to be right for you:


A hysteroscopy is a procedure used to do an examination of the inside of the uterus. This option may be right for women in need of assistance in the removal of adhesions to the uterus as well as support the removal of uterine fibroids. While the hysteroscopy, itself, is not a surgical procedure, it is a procedure that can help to diagnose or operate on your reproductive system.

The way a hysteroscopy works is that your Raleigh OBGYN is able to view the inside of your uterus by sliding a tiny camera through the vagina, through the cervix, and finally inside the uterus. The camera passes through the natural passageways of the vagina and the cervix making is so it does not require any incisions. The inside of the uterus is filled with a special fluid that allows the doctor to see the uterine walls and tubal ostia, which are the small openings where the fallopian tubes enter into the uterus. This will help your doctor to make a decision on what, if any, surgical approach will be used to move you closer to pregnancy.


A laparoscopymay be done for women who are suffering from a number of conditions that may be blocking them from becoming pregnant. Your doctor will use a 2D camera to view around parts of your reproductive system, like your uterus or fallopian tubes, to determine if you are suffering from PCOS, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, or a number of other conditions. Such conditions can also be detected, removed, and/or treated using the da Vinci Surgical System. The da Vinci system utilizes a state of the art 3D visualization system and a robotic arm that allows for perfect precision in making incisions.

Fallopian Tube Sterilization Reversal

If you received a tubal ligation during your lifetime, you were probably told that it is a permanent form of birth control. The way a tubal ligation works is the ends of your fallopian tubes are tied, burned, or cut to prevent the egg from traveling from the ovaries to your tubes where it can be fertilized. If at some point in your life you decide you want to reverse this decision, you can do so by getting a fallopian tube sterilization reversal. This is a surgery that will reconnect your fallopian tubes in an effort to reverse the process.

Gynecological surgery to improve fertility may feel like you are facing one of the biggest challenges of your life. However Carolina Women’s Health is here to offer you the information you need to move forward with starting your family. We are your specialists in women’s health care in Raleigh, NC. If you have questions about infertility, or any of our surgical and non-surgical approaches to fertility, we invite you to call us and make an appointment with a specialist today.